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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Not a day goes by without me creating something interesting, I spend hours creating ideas in my head and then I start with my brush and hours and days pass by and I forget how quickly time pass by when you are doing something interesting.

The above painting is an inspiration from Lord of the rings being a lover of the movie and book the Lord of the rings and being amazed by the deeper wisdom and symbolism and deeper meaning the author had in writing the book and since I like to explore knowledge and the mysterious of the unknown and known, I decided to do the Lord of the ring painting as fan art, I also spend many hours and days thinking of how I can collage it all together and then I let my brushes do the magic and I was finally content with the result.

“Creativity and art is something you can get addicted to like a drug if you are passionate about it and its a good kind of drug.”

I don't stick to one kind of art, I explore all kinds and enjoy doing it all.

I want to have a huge collection of art, I'm looking forward to selling prints, If you are interested in art or if you are curious or if you like to buy art, just stay connected to the updates I post here in my website.

Which one of my art is your favorite?

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