Christmas Greetings

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

A simple christmas greeting can make someone's christmas special in the age of everything being digital, people treasure handmade greetings.

All the above christmas greetings were painted by me and most of it has be sold, since christmas greetings are in demand during christmas pick your special card today.

How to choose christmas greetings for family and friends?

Since all original greeting I paint are expensive compared to prints you can choose original for that special someone and prints for rest of your family and friends.

“A simple wish can make someone feel special.”

Are you making a greeting this christmas?

P.S. don't send handmade to people who do not know the value of it they might not treasure it and its not everyone's cup of tea to know the value of art and handmade. Different people have different preferences so choose your gifts wisely to whom what you want to send what kind of gifts.

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