Why I started soap making

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Making the best kind of soaps for sensitive skin and to keep the skim nourished and healthy always.

I had hypersensitive skin, certain chemicals and oils in soap didn't suit my skin type, it was always difficult to find the right product for my skin. So I decided I will try making my own soap with the best ingredients to keep my skin healthy and later I decided it was a good idea to sell them

“Your skin it the largest organ in your whole body, it absorbs anything you put on to it, a healthy skin can be achieved with the right products.”

My focus is to use only very good quality ingredients, having hypersensitive skin is very annoying, sometimes too dry, sometimes oily and sometimes acne prone. The ingredients I use in my product to help heal and rejuvenate all skin type. But in case you are allergic to any product consult dermatologist and get the right product specifically for your skin. You could try my products once and see if it works well on your skin, if not always best to go for products that are in market that suit your skin type.

I'll do more blogging about my products so do check my website to get update knowledge on the products and more.

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