Why I don't promise homemade soaps can solve all your skin problems?

Skin problems have many underlying reasons, from food to genetics and more and soap aren't the solution for all the problem.

My handmade soaps are made with more focus on using less chemical and artificial fragrance and focus more on nourishing the skin. Its not 100% organic but I try to use only the quality ingredients from butters to oils to clays, Since I have hypersensitive I have tried making soap for skin for long and finally I came out with few best soaps and I like them all. Soaps don't solve underlying skin issues that are caused by hormonal, stress, genetic, food and more, It just addresses outside skin issues for cleaning and moisturizing. Using too dry soap with lots of chemicals can dry your skin by depleting oil and making the skin look more unhealthy. So I try to make the soap be more friendly to nourish and pamper your skin and more.

You can try my homemade soaps and give your feedback directly to me. It might suit some and might not suit others but worth trying

"If you have severe skin issues meet a dermatologist and sort it "

My products are not going to solve any underlying skin problems including dry skin caused by dehydration and more. Its nice to gift homemade soap as gifts and more. Who wouldn't like homemade and handmade gifts?

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